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Thursday, 2 July 2009

Off-SIM Island

I was standing having a casual look out to sea from the beach at Shimmer Island the other virtual day toward an open horizon, when I began to think it may be nice to add something off-shore, beyond the boundary of the sim.

This is where I discovered an add on xstreetsl from Zunie Button, which read:- !!!ENLARGE YOUR LAND!!! Offsim /outside sim Island - with sit animations ENLARGE your land with this OFFSIM ISLAND.!!! NOT ONLY VISUAL, you can even sit on it !!!!ONLY 19 PRIMS, include:- 5 of my palmtrees and shadows- 1 sitting palmtree with lay animation- 1 sitting rock with bath animation- 2 boxes with sit animation(no script menu enable for offsim items).

This produced just th effect I was looking for, at only L$10

While I am not actually able to walk around on my new island residence, I can take a sit option from one of the wooden boxes and look back to shore or rotate the camera controls. All in all a good deal and easy setup.

Please feel free to teleport over anytime and give it a try

regards Skipper