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Monday, 22 August 2016

Free space for Educators from ImageLearning

if you are a virtual world education and would like some free space for classes then ImageLearning are about to be making several locations available for educational groups looking for unique spaces to gather for discussion.  Any locations will they say be be "as is", in that ImageLearning will simply be providing a virtual space in the first instance it seems. This very generous offer has been made possible by the fact that not all of the current spce owned by them is currently used, though I guess this may change so I would recommend getting in quick on this one, and of course I am certain that any donations would be appreciated.

I have copied below some of their suggestions that you may find useful:

A traditional, formal amphitheater.
A cinema.
A legal courtroom.
A stone church sanctuary.
An airport lobby.
Meeting rooms in a fire station and police station.
Hospital ER, Physician's Office and Morgue.
Television studio with multiple sets.
Hibachi Restaurant.
60's Diner.
"Old Time" School Classroom.
Pizza Parlor.
Rustic Beach Bar.
Small Beach Cabins.
Large Beach with surf and sand.
Undersea area for diving.
Small Old Mansion on the Sea.
Deepwater Fishing Trawler, for small groups.
Onboard a jetliner at 30,000ft.
SciFi Locations Aboard the Starship Imagine
Dining Room/Mess.
Flight Deck.
Formal Briefing Room.
Bridge Conference Room.
For that "unique" experience:
A sinking ship.
A burning building.
A haunted psych ward.
Coming Soon: Medieval Village.

ImageLearning also say that "We are developing several new spaces of various kinds, and will make many of those available as we are able." So if you are interested then teleport over to

If  have questions, feel free to contact John Jamison, PhD.via email or Virtual Bacon in-world

through email, or leave a message in-world for Virtual Bacon.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Virtual Lab

Following my previous posting on the virtual laboratory this latest blog is by way of a progress report on that project. The building itself I decided need some small changes to internal textures, which simply meant renewing floors walls and ceiling. My first task surrounding the requirements for assets was to construct some suitable workstations.
Fig 1
The screen shot image 1 one show the Centre Workstation. At present the doors and draws are static, but I can animate these is that’s a requirement. The gas taps I intend will be interactive as function the functionality for the Benson Burners, and is the case for power sockets.

Fig 2
Talking of interactivity, the taps can be turned on, and producing a steam of water that flows and pools into the sinks accompanied by the sound of running water, all of which will go to increase the sense of real and hopefully immersive nature of the user experience see fig 2.

Fig 3
The screen shot fig 3, shows a similar workstation placed along the lab wall. I managed to download a nice microscope build as an iar file from opensimcity, and I want to work on these so that the eyepiece displays the media of a microorganism growth. I have included a negative pressure cabinet on either end of the workstation, but not sure until I meet with the team if they will require and interactive features, but far so good I feel. Please stay in touch for further updates.