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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

New Landing Point

It was one of those moments when a couple of things that you have been thinking about for a while suddenly come together. Looking around my Shimmer Island Sim, I have begun to consider dropping-in new or updating existing builds particularly my landing point. At the same time I have also been considering what to do about making use of all those superb interactive web facilities that now become available with Browser 2. At the present time my displays and tutorials are firmly established with Browser 1, which by the way I am still using on one of my desktop PC's at home. The answer, create a new landing point and use it as a feature for browser2 facilities. During this academic year I have in fact been running some trials with my students using SL Browser 2 as part of a Level 3 Maths course, and the Sim features online calculators, a YouTube video board and even an on-line C compiler, similar to the one here but on the surface of a prim as opposed to a pop-up web page. The project has been really useful not only as resource for my students, but also for myself in testing out the viability of the features. Basically then, when you arrive at the landing point in the near future, as long as you are running Browser 2, you will be able to step inside and try out some interactive media. If anyone would like me to install a particular web media facility for you to try, then please drop me a post.

refards Skipper