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Friday, 2 October 2009

Outting life into Second Life

A little while ago, weeks, I was reading an article on the growing number of virtual worlds and their individual merits or not as the case may be; cannot recall now if this was in a magazine or web. Anyway, when it came to SL, the author made the observation and given the comparisons with other virtual worlds, it was a valid point, that there was not much life in Second Life. Sure you have your avatars wandering around with the odd tree blowing in the wind and of course the buildings that our avatars use or occupy; all signs of life, but apart from that very often not much seems to happen, well maybe. Anyway I thought lets try changing that and see if it makes a difference to my virtual impressions, so I went along to the Aminata Sim

Outside of the main learning space, I changed in waterfront to accomodate a couple of Dolphins. Like dolphins do, they swim around a predifined area, make dolphin sounds and click away with enthusiasm. My impressions very nice actually.

Tortoise seemed to be a suitable addition to a sub-tropical type of environment. These two and you get a choice of size and wandering area, crawl around just as you would expect, with I must say some very realistics movements, though there is no sound. In fact from my limited experience of the tortoise, they only make sounds when eating, though I am sure experts will correct me on that one. Impressions realistic

The Cranes are really good, they walk around a defines area moving heads bending over and making Crane noises, not those that I would have expected, so I learnt something there. Impressions very good and realistic.

The pink Flamingo's are really very much like the Cranes and I suspect much the same code engines driving them. I created a small wetland type of area for them to wander around and they perform reliably, as do their calls, something else I have learnt, you can detect I am sure that there is a thread emerging here.

On the other side of a small inlet, where if you have been a visitor I keep the boat. I purchased and placed two paddling Pelicans and a Toucan. The pelicans wander around their placement area very happilly, while the Toucan will fly off at random times returning to his perching place, have a look around and off again. And of course all the while making their calls, more surprises for me.

I have not mentioned the seven free roaming seagulls, a flying parrot, and two flocks if that is the correct term, and I bet it isnt of butterflies.

So Virtual impressions. Well I certainly learnt something about birds, and without a doubt it has put a whole new feel to the island, so in conclusion I do actually feel that its worth putting some life into Second Life.

Your feedback is welcome