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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

SL viewer 2 and the killer apps

Even from my early days in Second Life, graduating as I did from 3DML, anyone remember Flatland Rover? Enthusiastic as I was then and still remain, one of the frustrations was in the need to have a seamless connection with wider services that support cross platform collaboration. Well OK there is the Sloodle project, brilliant, though maybe sometimes a bit techie, and I soon learned how to worked out a way to talk to an sql database and use xml-rpc to talk back into Second Life from the web, all good stuff. From your non-techie user there are white boards and chat and of course speech with all its disclosure implications. Then the other day I found viewer version 2 and its greatly enhanced media on a prim feature, Wow. The screen shot shows me using EtherPad on a prim and typing into it directly from SL. The comment on the second line is also me talking into SL from a web page, this is for me the first new generation killer app. Remember having to snapshot all your slide images to jpegs and upload them to an SL board, well now you upload to Google Docs and paste in the shared url, Wow again. Web pages can be scrolled and media played including Flash games. If you have any thoughts, idea’s even anecdotal please feel free to comment, me I am off to play.

Regards Skipper