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Friday, 19 October 2007

SpeakyEasy at Shimmer Island

If I were to be asked "what is the main advantage of using Second Life over say using one of the more traditional delivery platforms for learning materails and resources such as a vle?". Well of course there are many, but I think my first reaction would be to simply recite what I consider to be the top three and they are "Social, Social, Social". And to put my committment where my opinions are, I have setup the SpeakEasy. While retaining the theme of my sub-tropical island, I used a Skyrock to house three breakout huts, where small groups can get together and either text or voice chat in the relative seclusion of the skies above Second Life. Given the seperation of the huts, you should find that conversations in one will not be overheard in the other two. To aid the sense of privacy, and introduce some sense of ambience, I have included the sounds of running water and random bird song.

So if you are looking for a venue with difference to hold those meetings, feel free to teleport over and up.

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