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Monday, 26 July 2010

Common Currency in a virtual world

It does not take long in SL, before you realise that the whole experience can be improved if you have some money or Linden Dollars to purchase stuff and there is some excellent material around, or even better making money by selling stuff. Just recently I have been taking some excursions into the metaverse according to Open Simulator. In fact I now even have a sim running on my desktop, a very singular experience after the comings and goings that you get in place like SL. One of the things that struck me about OpenSim and there is increasingly a lot of it about it seems, is that there does not seem to be too much by way of resources. I began to ponder this and it came to me that maybe this is because of the complete absence of money, maybe, possibly. Lets face it OpenSim or SL almost by any other name and I am still to reconcile all this, does not have an equivalent of Linden Dollars, even though they are mentioned on some of the panels, stranger still. Then the other day, and probably a while after many others discovered it, I found out about the Open Metaverse Currency (OMC) and the number of virtual worlds that are using it; it seems there is an exchange rate with SL, terminals available and a link to PayPal. . There is a good web article here with some nice videos that explain the whole thing. If you have any thoughts or experience with OMC then please feel free to comment on this post.
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