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Thursday, 8 November 2012

Free Speaker Buddy

If you teleport over the the main hall at the Coders Central sim on Shimmer Island at Star Beach, you will find that I have installed a panel for Free Speaker Buddy.

Speaker Buddy is a nice little HUD free-be for teachers and educators working in SL as it will allow you to prepare a talk ahead of time, and so not wear your fingers out frantically typing as you try to speak to the audience.

What is more you can add additional comments or take questions, and Speaker Buddy will pause and restart at the last point.

Speaker Buddy communuicates lines numbers to you on a private channel, so you will not get lost, as well as communicate embedded private comments.

If you take a copy of Speaker Buddy, please let us know how you get along by replying to this posting.

Skipper: )

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