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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Azimuth Island project 2017

The project for my Level 4 and 5 students has now opened in OpenSim on Azimuth Island. The project presents students with an experiential situated virtual learning space populated by a collection of classic astronomical telescopes to explore developed in recent history in thee UK.

Azimuth Island

The principle mission is to learn the basic principles of telescope design that will encoded into desktop program written in either the C or Java languages. The main learning zone is based in a virtual model of Woolsthopre manor, the home of Sir Isaac Newton.

Woolsthorpe Manor

The touch event data loggers are functioning really well and have recorded 600 touch events and over 250 lines of real time conversation from a group of six students to my SQL database. The learning simulations have received good responses from the whole group.
Given that the learning from the virtual world will be transferred into a desktop application and given the fact that some students were not able to attend the class I decided to send an email suggesting we commence a series of tutorials in-world as a means of both support for those who have completed the exercise and assist those who are not able to attend the group session.

Inside students use 3D simulations to learn about Focal, length, Resolution, magnification and other working characteristics

Learning Simulations

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